Brighter Still

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The basic package is an excellent place to start. This package is recommended for young adults (13+) and anyone else looking for a solid entry level experience. 

  • 2-4 shades lighter
  • 22% hydrogen peroxide gel for a noticeably whiter smile
  • 20 minutes of treatment
  • immediate results
  • Our amazing customer service!

All for 150$

The second package we offer is for those looking for the sweet spot between price and performance! This package is recommended for adults who have never had their teeth whitened, or for heavy coffee and tea drinkers. 

  •  A 5-7 shade difference
  • Our Premium 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel
  • Our tried and true 2 stage whitening process
  • 35 minutes of treatment time
  • Unlimited Vitamin E-oil to ensure comfort during treatment
  • Guaranteed results

All for 225$

Our Third and final package offers you the most intense treatment we can offer. It is recommended for very stained teeth, or for excessive coffee, wine, smoking, and tea drinkers.

  • 7-10 shades lighter per treatment
  • a 45 minute treatment time
  • Broken up into three 15 minute sessions
  • 35 % hydrogen peroxide gel
  • Unlimited Vitamin E oil
  • With immediate results

All for 285$

We also offer an membership package that is available to purchase after your first appointment. If you plan on having your teeth whitened again in the future, this package offers the best value in Houston, at the lowest price. Avidel Smiles will be offering a bonus package during and after our grand opening celebration. This package includes: 1 free specialty tooth paste; to help preserve your smile, and 1 free mouth wash, special designed to help keep your teeth whiter, longer. 


Please contact us for details and availability. 


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